Dacke Industri AB acquires 71.5 % of the shares in Exertus Oy

Dacke Industri has, by the 23rd of June, completed the acquisition of 71.5 % of the shares in Exertus Oy. The current management and owners will remain as owners with 28.5% of the shares. The intention with the acquisition is to continue together, in partnership, on the exciting journey that Exertus have started and with a clear ambition to internationalize the business further. The acquisition is completely in line with Dacke Industri's ambition to grow with companies that focus on their own products as well as customized components and systems.

Exertus is specialized on control systems based on CAN-bus solutions and provides innovative offerings including hardware, software, application development and related services towards the mobile machinery segment. The company was founded in 2003, in Seinäjoki, Finland, and has today 38 experienced and dedicated employees. All products and related software are developed in-house which gives freedom to create tailored product for the customers. The standard product offering consists of a variety of components for all mobile machinery applications including main controllers, IO-controllers, displays, sensors and connectivity devices. Tailored designs are always based on the industry proven design elements from the libraries of the company which will ensure the cost efficiency and quality.

Exertus will be an important part of Dacke Industri's continued effort to build a cluster of companies within Electronics with the goal of helping customers to streamline their operations and strengthen the quality by providing products that enable monitoring and improvements in several application areas.

“It is with great pleasure we can partner with Exertus. The knowledge in the technology and strengths in customer relationsships are truly fantastic. From my perspective there are great opportunities to build on the strong company culture to make Exertus even more successful going forward. I am really glad that the owners remain onboard for the future journey”. Says Lars Fredin, Group CEO of Dacke Industri

”Exertus is looking for a sustainable growth from the international markets through existing and new customers. We are convinced that the partnership with Dacke Industri AB will help us with this by strategic planning and wide networks.” Says Pirkka Tukeva, CEO of Exertus Oy.

For more information please contact:

Lars Fredin


Group CEO, Dacke Industri

Contact: +46 76 770 71 00

Pirkka Tukeva

CEO, Exertus


Contact: +358 40 542 9791

Lowe Fällmar


VP Acquisitions, Dacke Industri

Contact: +46 70 641 07 31

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