CAN bus services

It has never been so easy to develop advanced CAN bus smart features to your machines

As heavy industries are becoming more and more digital, customers are likely to select the providers that best execute the new digital ecosystem. That is why we have designed our solution to give you the freedom of developing the smart machine you have dreamed of.

Are you developing an intelligent machine? Fear of complex projects with ever increasing costs?

With our revolutionary CAN bus platform, your development team is agile and flexible. Our experts take care of the most critical phases of the development so you can focus on what matters the most.

Exertus is all about the freedom and flexibility that development teams dream of!

To lower the risks and bring down the expenses, we have designed our system to be highly agile and flexible to fit you demands. Set-up within minutes, continue developing throughout the machine’s whole lifecycle.

The benefits do not stop to the machine, your operations and maintenance should go digital too!

Just imagine a platform that has all your fleet on all the sites around the world. Our cloud service allows you to take control of any individual machine with zero delay.

Exertus architecture


    We believe that the best products are made by the best teams. That’s why our experts join your development team to build the intelligent machine fast and flexible.  


    We have redesigned components from scratch to offer you the highest standards with competitive price. Our partner is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.  


    Our revolutionary CAN bus platform removes the most painful bottle necks from the development process.  Set-up within minutes – utilize through the product’s whole lifecycle    

Exertus IoT-services

    The benefits do not stop to the machine, your projects should go digital too. Our services bring your technicians to the working site from another side of the world.