New products released at Bauma 2019!

New products released at Bauma 2019!

We were participating world’s largest construction and mining machinery trade fair in Munich,Germany. From our point of view the trade fair was a huge success. During the exhibition week we experienced excellent service from Baumas organisation and everything went very smoothly. Atmosphere during the trade fair was amazing and the exhibition area was unbelievable. We want to thank Bauma for organizing such an amazing trade fair and, we want to thank every customer to participating the trade fair.

And what made this trade fair even more exceptional, was that we announced three new products on the market: ECM2020, RD121WS-T and MID2170

·        ECM2020 is an IOT module for edge cloud computing. Its powerful computing capabilities enables data transfer to be minimized and remote diagnostics very simple.

·        RD121WS-T is 12,1 inches touch screen for harsh environment allowing machine control system to be operated very intuitive way.

·        MID2170S is a compact size controller with 7-inch touchscreen and powerful CPU allowing very complex machine controlling tasks to be performed.